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At the law office of Grimes & Zimet, we believe that every child has the right to a healthy, meaningful relationship with both parents. We also believe that every parent deserves the right to spend time with his or her child, regardless of the relationship between the adults. While child custody determinations are often difficult and wrought with challenges, a parent will, at the very least, normally be granted the rights to reasonable visitation with the child.

Exercising Your Rights of Visitation

For many years, non-custodial parents often had their visitation rights limited to every other weekend or some similar arrangement. In New York State and around the country, however, non-custodial parents are being granted much more liberal parenting time with their children, and our attorneys are proud of our contributions toward that trend. By remaining more active in your child’s life and providing a positive presence, you can offer him or her innumerable benefits associated with parental interaction. The participation of both parents in child’s life can have a positive impact well into the child’s future.

The attorneys at Grimes & Zimet realize that if you are willing and able to be a part of your child’s day to day activities, you should be allowed to do so. We will help you seek a visitation arrangement that grants you the ability to provide your child with the parental relationship he or she deserves. Likewise, if you are unfairly denied access to your child, we are prepared to help you protect your rights, advocating on your behalf at every turn.

Protecting Your Child

In some cases, the unfortunate reality is that spending a large amount time with the other parent is not in your child’s best interest. If the other parent’s lifestyle and behavioral choices are presenting a danger to the child, the attorneys at Grimes & Zimet can help you seek appropriate restrictions. Based on the circumstances of your case, the court may choose to limit visitation, require that all visits be supervised, or apply any number of reasonable guidelines so that your child safety remains the highest priority.

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No matter what type of child custody or visitation concerns you may have, the trustworthy team at Grimes & Zimet is here for you. Contact our office today and schedule appointment in our Chappaqua or New York City office. We will walk you through your legal options and provide you with an overview of our intended approach to your case. Clients through Westchester County have relied on our law firm for more than 30 years, and we look forward to showing you why. We proudly serve clients in White Plains, Mt. Kisco, Armonk, Bedford, and Briarcliff Manor.

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