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Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys in Westchester County

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Chappaqua Lawyers Experienced in Drafting and Negotiating Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement (commonly referred to as a prenup) is a contract that two people enter into prior to marriage. Prenuptial agreements can provide directives for issues such as property division and spousal support in the event of a future divorce. They cannot, however, dictate future child custody or child support payments.

The decision to sign a prenuptial agreement is not taken lightly by most people. Many people consider this a difficult decision to make. Prenuptial agreements need not have a negative connotation, however. These agreements can be an effective way to protect your pre-marital assets and provide for children from previous marriages. At Grimes & Zimet, we work as a team with our clients to identify the advisability of drafting prenuptial agreements.

If you are interested in learning if a prenuptial agreement would be advisable for you, please contact our firm to schedule your consultation with an attorney.

Protect Your Assets With Customized Prenuptial Agreements

A properly drafted prenuptial agreement can protect and preserve your assets and property, as well as the property and assets of your soon-to-be spouse. Not all situations require a prenuptial agreement, and a member of our legal team is happy to discuss the specific legal concerns you and your future spouse may have. We listen carefully to identify our clients unique needs and goals. We then compose effective documents that clearly reflect these needs and goals.

Our Westchester County family law attorneys do not see prenups as a sign of distrust between spouses and realize that prenuptial agreements can be perceived this way. On the contrary, they are an effective way of protecting yourself and your future in the event that an unforeseen event may occur. We work hard to ensure that clients understand the benefits and drawbacks of prenups, so that they can make educated decisions about their individual situations.

In addition to prenuptial agreements, we draft other marital agreements such as cohabitation agreements, postmarital agreements, and separation agreements.

Westchester County and New York City Marital Agreement Lawyers

Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation to discuss your specific situation. A Chappaqua prenuptial agreements attorney at our office can review your case and recommend the best course of action to take. Call 914-238-1377 for our Chappaqua office or 646-247-6365 for our New York City location.

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