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At the law office of Grimes & Zimet, we believe that no person should be forced to endure violent or harassing behavior, especially from a family member. Our attorneys are prepared to whatever is necessary to protect clients in potentially dangerous situations, helping them find the peace and security they need and deserve. Whether such actions are being committed in the midst of a divorce or other family law proceedings, or simply in the course of everyday life, they are completely unacceptable and must be stopped.

The state of New York has instituted a legal process specifically designed to address family offenses, including domestic violence and other inappropriate behaviors. With more than 75 years of family law experience, our team has helped countless clients with their family offense proceedings, and we are ready to help you.

Family Offense Petitions in New York

When you have been victimized by a family member, we can help you file your family offense petition with the Family Court.

To be eligible to file such petition, the perpetrator must be:

  • Your current or former spouse;
  • Your current or previous romantic partner;
  • Your child's other parent;
  • Your child;
  • Your parent; or
  • Your relative by blood or marriage.

The petition must allege that the named family member committed against you or your child:

  • Harassment or aggravated harassment;
  • Menacing;
  • Assault or attempted assault;
  • Stalking;
  • Disorderly conduct;
  • Reckless endangerment;
  • Criminal mischief;
  • Forcible touching or sexual abuse; or
  • Other violent or menacing acts.

Proceeding With Your Case

Upon the filing of your petition, you have the right to an appearance before a New York Family Court judge. Based on your testimony and a showing of good cause, the judge may issue a temporary order of protection until the respondent appears in court. Depending on the nature of the allegations, the Court may also issue a warrant for the respondent to appear immediately. Once the respondent has appeared, and your case has been fully considered, the respondent may face penalties of up to one year of probation, restitution of up to $10,000, and required education programs. The resulting final order of protection may be enforced for two years, or up to five years for aggravating circumstances.

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For assistance with a family offense petition or proceeding, contact the law office of Grimes & Zimet. Our experienced family law attorneys will meet with you to discuss your situation and find the best option for pursuing the security you need. With offices in Chappaqua and New York City, we are proud to serve Westchester County and the surrounding areas.

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