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Westchester County Divorce Modification Attorneys

Westchester County Modification Lawyers

Modifying Court Orders in Chappaqua, New York City, and Throughout the Surrounding Areas

When a Supreme or Family Court order needs to be changed, an experienced lawyer can help you understand how the modification can be made. At the offices of Grimes & Zimet, our New York City and Chappaqua attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience handling modification and enforcement issues for our divorce and family law clients. To discuss your specific case and needs, contact our firm today and schedule a consultation.

Child Support Orders

Though child support is determined by state-set guidelines, it is possible to have child support modified. A drastic change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job, can result in changes to the child support order. However, it is important that a parent not stop paying unless a formal change has been made. If one does stop paying or decides on his or her own to decrease the amount, he or she is still legally responsible for the accrued arrears.
Child Custody

A parent may be entitled to more or less time if something has happened, with the child in a number of situations. This increase or decrease in parenting or custody time must be reflected in the child custody order that was previously established. This allows a parent to have the custody arrangement enforced so he or she can see the child. A modification can also restrict access to a child, if it is in the childs best interests.

Relocation Orders

If a parent is wishing to relocate out-of-state with his or her child, it is important that the other parent consent or that the court approves of the relocation and reflects the change in the child custody arrangement. If the relocation is not done through the courts, the parent risks legal consequences of leaving the area with the child.

Spousal Maintenance Orders

In some cases, alimony or spousal maintenance orders must be modified. Reasons for this can include the receivers increase in income, the payers loss of income or the receivers new marriage.

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To further discuss your modification and enforcement issues, contact our Westchester County modification attorneys today. At Grimes & Zimet, our legal team can help you explore your options and assist you in understanding your rights today. Call 914-238-1377 for our Chappaqua office or 646-247-6365 for New York City.

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