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At the law office of Grimes & Zimet, we are dedicated to helping our clients through the various issues presented regarding child support as it relates to a divorce or child custody case. Below is a description of child support that can help shed some light on the issues. Contact our office today to discuss your specific child support, divorce or other family law concern with a lawyer at our firm.

New York Child Support

The determination of child support in New York State is governed by a mathematical formula set by law. Child support takes into consideration a percentage of the combined parental income, based on the number of children and the way in which the incomes are balanced (whether or not one parent earns more than the other). This equation results in a fixed amount, and any deviation requires an explanation from the court.

In non-matrimonial situations, paternity testing is often performed to establish the father of the child whenever this issue is raised. This determination may lead to the enforcement of a child support order against the father.

Our firm represents both married and unmarried couples engaged in child support disputes. Whatever your situation, we can tailor our approach to suit your needs, goals and the best interests of the children.

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