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Child Custody Attorneys in Westchester County

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Handling Child Custody, Parental Access, and Visitation Issues in Chappaqua and New York City

Child custody is an issue that often stems from divorce litigation. However, it is not unusual for married couples or unmarried couples to be involved in custody disputes. Regardless of the relationship of the parents to each other, the focus of a custody case is to achieve a result that is in the best interests of the child or children.

Our lawyers at the law office of Grimes & Zimet have over 75 years of combined legal experience to address the complex legal issues that may arise in custody litigation in New York. We understand the stress and emotional toll on parents, as well as children, in custody disputes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific interests and concerns.

Parental Disputes in New York

One part of a custody dispute may involve the examination of a child, the parents and the home by a neutral professional. Oftentimes, a Law Guardian (the attorney for the child[ren]) is appointed by the court to provide legal representation for the child(ren). The court is interested in examining all aspects of the child's life, especially the parent-child interactions.

Parental alienation is a quick way to lose custody of a child in a custody dispute. Courts often look for signs of alienation, among other factors throughout the course of their evaluation of evidence produced in custody litigation.

Parenting time or visitation is also an issue to be considered. A parent who does not have primary custody will be entitled to parenting time, depending on the details of each individual situation.

The older the children in a custody dispute, the more likely that their wishes will be considered by the court. When the children are able to articulate their parental preference and the reasoning behind why they would rather reside more permanently with one parent than the other, the court frequently takes their statements into consideration and may or may not let that be a factor in determining the ultimate award of custody.

Child Custody Attorneys in Westchester County and NYC

Contact our Westchester County lawyers at the office of Grimes & Zimet today. We offer flexible appointment times in order to accommodate your already busy schedule. A member of our legal team can meet with you at our New York City (646-247-6365) or Chappaqua (914-238-1377) office.

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