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In virtually any contested matter of family law, there is a realistic chance of an unfavorable, or adverse, outcome from your perspective. Fortunately, an adverse court ruling is not necessarily mean the issue is completely closed. Under New York law, any party to a court order or ruling has the right to file an appeal if and when that party believes a mistake has been made.

At Grimes & Zimet, our attorneys possess more than 75 years of combined family law experience. We have successfully filed and defended appeals regarding divorce settlements, spousal maintenance awards, child custody arrangements, child support orders, and much more. New York courts are comprised of human beings, and as such, make mistakes. A court's mistake, however, should not result in your or your interests being negatively affected, and we are prepared to help you resolve your case.

Family Law Appeals

The New York State Unified Court System defines an appeal as a means "by which a party who has been adversely affected by what he or she believes to have been an error or mistake by a judge of the Family Court may seek to have that order overturned in a higher court." Any written order issued by the court is subject to the appeals process, and anyone who is party to the case may file the appeal. When you believe the court has made a mistake or misapplied the law, contact our office and let us help you with filing your appeal.

There are specific requirements for filing family law appeals that must be followed, or the appeal may be rejected without ever being heard. Our attorneys can assist you with completing the necessary paperwork and submitting your appeal within the statutorily allotted timeframe. We will also offer reliable, responsible legal advice as the Appellate Division considers your case, responding to any requests from the court.

Appeals Results

Upon consideration of your appeal, the Appellate Division has several options. It may:

  • Reverse the Family Court decision, agreeing with you that a mistake was, in fact, made and the decision should not stand;
  • Remand the case back to Family Court for retrial, often with clarifying instructions;
  • Affirm the Family Court decision, finding that no error occurred and the lower court was correct; or
  • Modify the Family Court decision, making some changes but not vacating the order.

Legal Help for Your Appeal

When you file a family law appeal in New York State, you need to be sure your interests are fully protected. Contact our office today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our hardworking family law attorneys. We will review your case and help you decide on the best course action for pursuing an appeal. We are proud to serve Chappaqua and the surrounding Westchester County areas, including White Plains, Tarrytown, Somers Ossining, Bedford, and Mt. Kisco.

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