Marital agreements

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Since the establishment of our firm in 1989, our lawyers at the Law Office of Grimes & Zimet have been providing representation to clients across the state of New York regarding the various types of marital agreements. We understand the importance of creating documents that protect your assets before, during, and after marriage or living with another individual. Our firm strives to compose efficiently and effectively documents that reflect your needs and goals.

There are a vast number of agreements that can be drawn up during the course of a marriage or partnership that will detail property and assets, from dividing homes and retirement funds to deciding who will get the car or pets.

  • Cohabitation Agreements - established to protect the property and assets of a non-married couple
  • Prenuptial Agreements - entered into before marriage to assign or to protect and preserve assets and property of one or both individuals
  • Post Marital Agreements - established to assign or to protect or preserve property and assets after a couple is married and is often an amendment to a prenuptial agreement
  • Separation Agreements - details, in part, the terms and guidelines of property and asset division, child support and visitation after a couple has decided to separate or divorce
  • Settlement Agreements - resolves the issues once the divorce proceeding has been commenced

Not all situations require a marital agreement; however, marital agreements may be beneficial in many instances. A member of our legal team is happy to discuss the specifics of your legal concern and what, if any, type(s) of agreement may be advantageous for you, now and in the future.

Contact the Westchester County prenuptial agreement attorneys at the Law Office of Grimes & Zimet today to learn more about how we can help you establish documents to protect you and your current or former spouse. Flexible appointment times are available for your convenience.