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Counsel Fees Allocation in Divorce

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In the past, many individuals going through a divorce have been concerned about the legal fees that they may incur throughout the process. The less-monied spouse was often at a disadvantage, having to hire a lawyer who may not have been able to handle all of the issues that the monied spouse raised. However, the new changes to the New York divorce laws that were enacted have changed all of this.

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Recently, an appellate court rendered a favorable decision for one of our clients in a high conflict, high net worth litigation, reversing a lower court's denial of our client's request for an interim counsel fee award during the pendency of the divorce litigation.

New Laws Regarding Legal Fees

The new laws in New York now contain provisions that allow for a more equal playing field between the spouses in a divorce. Specifically, the monied spouse is obligated to pay the legal counsel fees for the attorney of the less-monied spouse.

This was done to prevent situations in which the monied spouse may attempt to force the less-monied spouse into a settlement that isn't equitable by throwing up all sorts of obstacles that the less-monied spouse's lawyer may not have been able to address.

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